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Fig Super Salve
Fig Super Salve with the cap on

Super Salve


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Fig — deep purple with a jammy finish


There’s no need for lip balm to have more than a handful of ingredients in it. Formulated with only the essentials, Super Salve is super simple and super good for you. Nourishing, hydrating, buttery – an everyday balm to rule them all. Comes in unusual, not-your-average delicious flavors. Fig is a deep moody purple, Rhubarb is a bright fire engine red, and Sorbet is a sheer wash of soft pink. Oh, and there’s also 3 untinted flavors. Balm appetite!

  • Super Salve contents smashes and broken apart
  • Rhubarb, Fig and Sorbet Super Salve color smear samples
  • Model with Fig Super Salve
  • model holding a Rhubarb Super Salve next to their Rhubarb tinted lips
  • model with Sorbet Super Salve
  • model with Clear Super Salve
  • Super salve
  • various Worn Down Super Salves
  • several super salves in their packaging

The best bits – broken down:

  • Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower oil is packed with omega-9 fatty acids which are amazing at smoothing flaky skin and increasing hydration without ever feeling heavy.

  • Avocado Oil

    Super hydrating oil derived from our favorite fruit. P.S. this just in: avocado is a fruit.

  • Candelilla Wax

    Candelilla is the go-to Vegan beeswax alternative. Locks in moisture. (Bee-free. Guilt-free).

  • Vitamin E

    Naturally occuring compound that contains Vitamin E – AKA the secret ingredient that makes this balm. so. damn. smooth.

Glide on a sheer wash of color.

Unexpected flavors!

  • model taking bite out of a fig
  • model holding a slice of Rhubarb pie.
  • model holding an ice cream cone filed with Sorbet.
  • model in profile with a Parsley leaf coming out of their mouth
  • Women with chewing gum
model near an over size avocado

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