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Shave + save with our fancy
blades + body care.
Introducing The New Body Brand
Hi, Hello!
We’re Billie. We’re here to give you everyday TLC from top to toe. We deliver high-quality shaving supplies and body products at a fair price – without the clichés
We won't call you
a goddess for shaving your legs. Promise.
or pink tax.
Women's razors cost
10–15% more than men's razors. Not cool.

Not just a pretty face
  • Sharper 5 blades, sharper than your killer comebacks.
  • Smoother encased in 360° of aloe shave soap for extra skin love.
  • Affordable half the price of the competition.
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Happy Skin =
Happy Days
Made with natural ingredients
No parabens or sulfates
No synthetic fragrance
Never tested on animals
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  • Vegan
Gluten Free

Billie's luxe but affordable razors, with blades encased in aloe shave soap, guarantee you'll never have a bad shave day again.

"I can't suggest Billie's razors enough. They might just be game-changing for you, too."

"My legs were silky smooth for a full two days after using it. Plus, the magnetic holder is the best way of storing a razor I’ve ever seen, and is weirdly fun to use."

"The Billie razor is the sh*t"

Top Innovations That Made
Women's Lives Better in 2017

"Incredibly close shave."

"The cute way to be a lady."
– Drew Barrymore

"I tried the $9 subscription razor service for women and I'm never going to buy razors in a store again."

How it works.
Your Starter Kit consists of a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges for $9.

Ongoing, we’ll deliver four replacement blade cartridges to your door for $9 (at a frequency of your choice) so you never run out of supplies.
  1. Choose Your Color
    Pick from 4 handle colors.
  2. Choose Your Frequency
    Tell us how often you want blades delivered.
    Free shipping always.
  3. Cancel Any Time
    Skip, adjust, or cancel: no strings attached.