• model hand holding a single razor blade
  • model shaving their leg with a coral razor and shaving cream
  • pink razor being splashed with water
  • four razor blades
  • pink, orange, and teal razor being used on a leg

Refill Blades


Shave without interruption - we'll deliver refill blades as often as you need them for a super close, ultra comfy shave every time.


Each shipment contains 4 refill blades. Free shipping.

The best bits – broken down:

  • When we say sharp, we mean sharp.

    Comes with 5 rust-free, nickel-free blades designed to give you the closest shave ever.

  • Glides across your skin like a cloud.

    Encased in 360° of aloe shave soap for extra smoothness.

  • Dermatologist approved for all skin types.

    Yep, even sensitive skin.

One swipe for ultra smooth skin

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