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Meet your new <br />favorite razor.

Meet your new
favorite razor.

Sharper, smoother, and more affordable. Billie blades are completely encased in 360° of charcoal shave soap designed to float over your skin for an extremely close shave. Delivered to your door for just $10 + free shipping.

As smoooooth as it gets.

As smoooooth as it gets.

Like peach without the fuzz, dolphin-smooth skin. Our 5-blade razor is made from premium stainless steel and surrounded by comfy aloe shave soap for a gentle, close shave - every time.

Each blade is evenly distributed with optimal spacing to allow shave cream, soap and hair to pass on by. Cause there’s nothing pretty about a clogged razor.


Mag(net)ic powers.

Mag(net)ic powers.

Put your razor on a pedestal and it’ll love you back. That’s why we created this nifty holder to keep your razor out of the shower puddle, and out of trouble.

The Billie handle connects to the holder with magic (or magnetic force...but mostly magic) to keep your blade in tip-top condition. Nobody puts Billie in the corner.

Included in your Billie Starter Kit.


Ergonomic everything.

We partnered with top New York industrial designers to craft a superior handle that provides enhanced grip and secure handling.

Made with a light-weight resin and a matte rubber core to optimize grip, the Billie handle makes shaving in the shower a walk in the park.

MalibuPeriwinkleCool BlueCoralBlushDreamPop

Style meets function.

Taking inspiration from the design school of “less but better”, we stripped away unnecessary elements to craft a handle that is sleek, elegant, and practical.

Available in six colors (take your pick!) and included in your Billie starter kit.


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